A great selection of netball gear, uniforms and goals suitable for your team.  Feel free to email for a quote.

Whenever possible ensure that all the netballs you use are the official size and weight. Below are the official weights and dimensions for size 5 netballs.

Official Size & Weight

Size 5 : 69 – 71 cm circumference, 410-450 grams weight.

Make sure to check the pressure of the balls from time to time.



A great option is the Silver Fern Sport dress.  A huge benefit of this netball dress is that there are no minimum order requirements – great if you need a top up of just one or two.


We also can supply sublimated dresses, tops, skirts and bibs.  This is a fantastic way to personalise your  uniforms.  Select from a range of designs and colours, or, design your own.  Minimum order quantities apply.  As the sublimated dresses are made to order, they take a few weeks to be manufactured. Email us for a quote.

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Showing 1–12 of 72 results