A great selection of netballs suitable for your team.  Don’t miss the Stratus range of netballs which are exceptionally good value.  Browse our range of quality balls – from school PVC balls to quality Gilbert match balls.

Our range of netballs cater to all requirements and come in both size four and five.

When selecting a netball you need to not only consider the size of the ball but also the quality.  For training purposes, a slightly cheaper ball is all that is required.  You will need 10-12 of these so price can become an issue. The training balls still need to be of good quality. They need to last one or two seasons. Training balls do not have to be an expensive match ball however. For training, you need a ball that will stand repeated use and retain its pressure and shape over time.

Match netballs are only needed for match day. It is worth spending more on this ball as you will only need one or two balls for a team.

Whenever possible ensure that all the netballs you use are the official size and weight. Below are the official weights and dimensions for size 5 netballs.

Size 4 = 8-10 years, size 5 = 11+ years.

Official Size & Weight

Size 5 : 69-71 cm circumference, 410-450 grams weight.

Make sure to check the pressure of the netball from time to time. The balls will slowly lose pressure.  The required pressure for each ball can differ. This pressure should be marked on the ball, often near the valve of the ball.

Training balls often have a pressure of approximately 6-8 psi and quality match balls are generally between 9-10 psi.  Always check this on the ball before inflating.

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Showing 1–12 of 24 results