We  supply basketballs, basketball uniforms, hoops as well as towers and much more!

With basketball becoming more and more popular there is increasing demand for not only quality gear but also great pricing.  We try to be a one stop shop for a wide range of equipment and uniforms. More over we are seeking to learn what other products we can add to our range.

If you are looking for basketballs in a range of sizes, look no further.  Do you need to set up a gym or outdoor court? We can also help with this.

Your requirements might include needing a new uniform or other training equipment.  Talk to us by email, phone or look at our website for a range of options.

Basketball is a game that can be enjoyed by a range of people with a variety of skill levels.  It can be played across a large spread of age groups.  New Zealand also has a strong wheel chair basketball community who have just as much skill as other able bodied players from around the country.

You can play at a local park one on one or at a gym with a full five a side game.  Playing indoors gives the ability to play in a wide range of weather conditions.

If you have any requirements, contact us or look over our website at our large range of products.

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