Coaches Clipboards

Coaches clipboards

Coaches clipboards are a really useful, reusable tool for coaching.   The boards help to illustrate instructions making them simple and easy to understand.  The black marker pen wipes off easily allowing the board to be reused over and over again – it’s really a whiteboard.

Also, a great feature of these boards is that they’re double sided.  Don’t want to rub off one side but want to illustrate further instructions?  No problem, just flip it over and write away.

Another great feature of the board is the clip.  This can be used for holding notes or other important paperwork.

We have boards suitable for basketball, hockey, netball, rugby, soccer and touch rugby and can send all over NZ.  Single boards may be able to be sent at a reduced freight price too – just ask.

Finally, these are such a handy tool for a coach.  Grab one for your coaching bag today.

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Showing all 6 results