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  $99.95           $29.50        $39.50           $85.95

Slalom Poles - set of 12 with bagPlastic Cone 9" x 20 Plus StandAgility Speed Ladder - flat rung 9mFixed Bottle Carrier & 12 Strata Squirt Bottles
Slalom poles x 12      20 x cones        Agility ladder       12 x Bottles with Carrier



$29.50                $4.95               $59.95              $94.95

Metal Cone Holder with 40 Cones (2 inch / 50mm) Mesh Bib - 4 sizes, 4 colours Soccer Corner Flags x 4 with Spring, Peg & Bag Tag Rugby Set (x 24) - Club

40 x 2" cones             Mesh bibs            Corner flag set x 4       Tag rugby set (x24)



Gilbert, Steeden & Mitre Deals

Gilbert Pulse Netball - Size 5 (indoor/outdoor)Gilbert Pathways Rugby Ball - Size 4Steeden NZRL Classic Trainer - 5Mitre Calcio Soccer Ball - size 5

            $21.95 incl            $20.95 incl                $19.95 incl                  $19.95 incl              


Silver Fern Sport Netball Dresses

$39.95 incl




10 x Stratus rugby or soccer balls

plus ball bag

10 x Stratus Stealth Soccer Ball Kit Size 5                10 x Stratus Extreme Rugby Balls - size 4

 $125.00 incl                      $120.00 incl


All NZ schools are eligible for an account, so teachers, feel free to order now and pay later. 

Clubs and members of the public are welcome to purchase also but payment needs to be made before goods are dispatched.  Feel free to use the shopping cart - payment instructions are given at the end.

Also, if you can't see what you're looking for, let us know - there are many products which we can supply which aren't on our website yet.  



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