Beatboard – Junior 3/4 Size

$1,080.87 (excl GST)

$1,243.00 (incl GST)

The junior board is a development of the well proven full size beatboard.   It features the same type of steel frame and laminated timber top as the full size model, quite simply, made shorter and fitted with only two conical springs.  Recommended for year 3-6 – not recommended for intermediate age.

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A lighter duty beatboard has often been requested of our supplier but trials have shown that a full size board fitted with fewer springs can mean a less durable board especially if used by larger gymnasts.

The top measures 600 mm wide and 900 mm long and is fully padded and upholstered. The base is fitted with non marking feet to prevent damage to the floor, and wheels are fitted making moving the board very easy.
The shorter size helps to deter larger gymnasts who prefer the full size board, however, the design and method and construction will still withstand an adult – they will just not get the rebound result they may like.

Ideally the Junior Beatboard suits children up to intermediate age.

Bulky item – ask for a freight quote.