Manuka Honey - Multifloral

Manuka Honey – Multifloral

Idyllic golden manuka honey is sourced from the upper North Island of NZ.  Produced in picturesque, peaceful native bush.  Compare our price with other 100+ methylglyoxal* (MG) manuka multifloral honey and you will see that this is an exceptionally good price.  Comes in a 1kg pot.  100% NZ honey.   Reduced freight rate on single pots sent around NZ – please email to enquire –

*This honey contains at least 100mg/kg of Methylglyoxal as certified by lab testing.

Methylglyoxal* (MG) can be compared to Non Peroxide Activity (NPA) which is closely related to the UMF rating system.  This is where you get, for example, manuka 5+ and so on.  There are a variety of websites that compare MG/MGO with NPA or UMF ratings.

The majority of high-grade manuka honey from New Zealand includes a UMF rating on the label. Some honey producers use an MG or MGO rating. Honeys without a UMF or MG/MGO rating are generally low-grade honey without the characteristics that have made manuka honey so sought after.

NPA stands for non-peroxide activity, the property that makes certain grades of UMF and MG/MGO manuka honey stand apart from other honey.

(As with all honey, not suitable for infants younger than 12 months old.)

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